Mountain vs. Michi 1:0

I got altitude sickness…

Because we climbed up a high mountain

why not the last time when I went to Lake Titicaca (which is higher)?
I don’t have any idea

how’s altitude sickness like?
fucked up. nausea, strong headache, stomach problems, short breath

am I feeling better?
yep! already on the way down I felt much better, coming to Cocha it was worse again, though! Probably I ruined my stomach, as well, cause Sunday started with diarrea! From today on, I feel much better and plan to actually eat something tasty and not just crackers and plain rice!

what’s up apart of that?
farewell party coming up tomorrow. loads of food, a bit of Singani and possibly some club-visit later on

and then?
friday I ll take a nightbus to Sucre with another volunteer and my ‚boss‘ from Energética. After that they head back to Cocha and I continue to Potosí and the Salar de Uyuni.

is that everything?
nope, but I m too lazy to write my whole travel plans down now.

no photos today?
ok ok, here you go. it was taken after hiking 20 km up and down that mountain and, well, getting altitude sickness…

Parque Tunari 1

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