Goodbye Bolivia

it s my last day and it s a weird day!

basically almost everything went wrong since i got to la paz…couldn t contact santi, anita and flaco were trapped in chile, i lost my wallet yesterday with 300 bolivianos (30 €) and all my contact phone numbers, the disc with the photos from the mountainbiking down to coroico is damaged (only first 40 photos readable), i realized that i lost my knife and my torch somewhere between rurrenabaque and la paz, anita mother doesnt answer the phone (to check if anita and flaco are actually coming today) and i need to go to their house to pick up my laptop and all the documents i left there before going to rurre…


on the other hand it can only get better.

theoretically the tour agency has more copies of the photos, theoretically anita and flaco arrive tonight at around 6 pm from chile and theoretically i could always just go to the mother’s house, hope that the mother is there, pick up a key and go to anita and flaco’s place to pick my stuff up and therefore be able to catch my bus tomorrow morning…THEORETICALLY!

i guess it s a good time to leave the country now considering the bad luck i had the last two days. leaving the bad luck here in la paz and enjoying a bit of the rest of my travel.

apart of these last two days, which weren t exactly as i hoped them to be, i spent a wonderful time in bolivia and i ll take lots and lots of good memories back home! and, who knows, maybe i manage to get a new, flwless disc with photos, contact anita and flaco, go to their flat, have a nice evening with them and be ready to hop into the bus which takes me 26 hours until lima!

as always: it could be worse!

goodbye bolivia!

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