Cave Climbing vs. Goodbye Planning

Here´s the promised update about torotoro:

first all of, my spanish friends, toro toro doesn t have anything to do two one or two toros but comes from quechua and means something different, though I forgot what it was…

Our trip last weekend must have been cursed or sth like that, because we had in total 3 (!) flat tires, one broken bus and a water shortage in the village due to a broken water pipe! Nontheless we had a great time there. Saturday we went to a canyon called Vergel where we could go swimming and enjoying the incredible view! in the afternoon mario (our guide) showed us around and explained the different dinosaur tracks in the area. it s basically incredible, they are just all over the place but until now nobody showed mayor interest in studying them or search the area for more tracks. mario told us that he finds new ones regularly and there would be much much more , it s just that nobody cares!!!!

Dinosaur tracks are already cool enough, but Sunday was even better. we cliimb down to a cave which is part of south americas larges and deepest cave system. AMAZING!!!!!!! In Europe that would be absolutely prohibited due to the fact the we had to crawl through 40 cm high tunnels and climb around rocks without too much safety equipment. in the caves we could see blind cave fishes living in underground rivers. when we went outside again after 2 1/2 hours we just wanted to go and see another cave, but unfortunately there was no time and we headed back to Cocha…

I still don t have the cave photos but as soon as I have I will upload them!

Yesterday, after returning to Cocha, I started to plan a bit my travelling after finishing my work here. It s unbelievable but there are just 1 1/2 weeks left! Especially now that I almost finished the report already there is not sooo much left that I have to do before I leave. another volunteer already arrived today, she ll replace me once I m gone, that was one more reason for me to have the strong feeling that it s almost over.

From tomorrow on I will do sort of a self learning course about Adobe Illustrator with the help of the graphic designer of Energética. Actually I am really looking forward to that, because I do learn something that I always wanted to learn and can maybe work with him during my last days on one of the posters, flyers, etc that Energética is publishing…

Although I am quite happy with my volunteering with Energética and in general with my time here in Cocha, I do look forward to see something more of Bolivia! Until now I have planned to go to the Salar de Uyuni first, then see Potosí and Sucre on my way back to Cocha. After getting all my belongings together I ll head to La Paz and from there towards the Yungas and the Parque Nacional Madidi in the Amazonas region. The rest of my time I ll spend spontaneously whereever it is a nice place to stay…

Before all that, however, I try to organize a trip to Cerro Tunari this Saturday, which is one of the highest peaks around Bolivia with more or less 5400 m. Will be quite tough to climb up that mountain but when will I have the chance again to be above 5.000 m altitude? Exactly! That s why I want to go NOW

Hope you re enjoying the rest of European summer!

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