up up and away

Tomorrow I ll be gone…but just for 4 days. I m going on another trip with Energética to the Morochata-region (where we have been before) until friday. this time we won t install panels but unfortunately probably remove some for which the owners did not pay, did not contact the office to explain why they did not pay and did not respond to communication efforts. in case they agree to pay right away when we are there, they keep it, in case they don t, we take it away. It s not really the nicest part of our work here, but if we don t care, in the end nobody would feel responsable anymore…

last weekend was rather a relaxed one. we went to the ukurpiña festival on friday, which was really great to see, then had another farewell party and went out clubbing afterwards. saturday and sunday nothing really important happened. playing football, enjoying the sun, cooking a thai-curry…business as usual. unfortunately I don t have pictures from ukurpiña cause they told me not to take my camera with me, especially after it gets dark. too many people around trying to make some quick money and most of them drunk…

hopefully i will take some good ones on my trip to morochata and, of course, in chapare! will upload some of them afterwards, so don’t complain about posting more pictures.


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