Electrificación con fuentes renovables

Finally, wednesday and thursday the conference about the use of renewable energies in their different applications took place. In the end, some 120 people showed up, most of them engineers. They came from all over Latin America, as well as Spain. In total we had almost 30 presentations about different topics, which were partly really interesting and partly not so good. Generally, though, an interesting conference as well for non-engineers!

On the beginning of everything there was the inauguration ceremony for the solar panel construction. And, as it has to be with those things, it didn’t work at first. Luckily nobody noticed, because it takes 5 minutes until the voltage and everything is detected and harmonized, so everbody went inside again and Nico and some others had a chance to look for the mistake. In the end it was just a cable which was loose (the night before everything was fine), so everybody relieved and happy.

All in all, the two days were really long and after the conference finished, the whole Energética-staff was kind of happy and tired. Afterwards, we were invited for dinner, unfortunately I somehow ruined my stomach the day before, so I couldn’t really enjoy that part. After a plain rice and cracker diet on friday, my stomach is alright again and I could already try Api con pastel today. Api is some weird juicy-like hot drink based on corn (maiz), mixed with sugar, cinnamon and something else. Weird, but tasty! The pastel part consisted of a fluffy doe filled with cheese and topped with powder sugar. Equally weird combination and nice, as well

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Due to my stomach problems and those of a mexican girl who wanted to go to Villa Tunari, too, we cancelled the trip and went to some village close to Cochabamba instead. Nothing special, but nice to be outside of the city a bit. Today we (a canadian and that mexican girl and me) visited the palacio de Simón Patiño, which used to be one of the richest men in the world at the beginning of the century. Sadly, he never lived there, because he had heart problems and the doctors told him not to live in this altitude. Therefore, a lot of money and time wasted. It’s some crazy mixture of arab, french, roman and greek style with a beautiful garden full of exotic plants. I’ll upload the photos next time.

Apart of that, same same here in Cocha…We went to a Reggae Party yesterday and they actually played some good old German Gentleman Reggae, too. yeeeeeah

Tomorrow at work we have to teir the stupid solar panel structure apart again and transport it to the Energética office – noooooooooooooooooo. I don’t wont to carry that thing again! But anyway, after that the usual business is coming back to the office and I hope the be a bit more involved in that Morochata-project. We will see, what happens!

Greets to all of you!

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