¿Quién mató a la llamita blanca?

Who killed the white baby lama?

If anybody knows anything about it, please tell the local police! If not, watch the same-named Bolivian movie and have fun! It’s awesome!

What up besides dead lamas? Well, Independence Day is coming up, so tomorrow there will be parades and dances and drinks and food and all the good things. As well, John’s birthday party will be tonight (who the fuck is John?), so all in all enough reasons to have a decent fiestón!

After a lot a planning and for and back and for and back and back and back and for we decided to go to lake Titicaca this weekend, although it is supposed to be packed around Independece day. The problem is that some of us don’t have that much time left, so we couldn’t postpone the trip. I’m already looking forward to have a (probably reeeeeally short) swim in Titicaca. Don’t know what the temperature is like, but I can’t leave Bolivia without jumping into Titicaca! (Let’s see if I say the same when I put my toe into the water and it comes out as an icecube).

Yesterday, my second spanish-german tandem started, and it was really good! She can’t speak a lot and is happy to have somebody to practice with and I learn things like writing formal letters and later on we will do some exercises from the DELE superior exam (I found a sample version in the internet). Quechua is going okay, though I couldn’t find an exercise book to practice. Yesterday my professor gave me one to photocopy and I hope the memorize the grammar much better after doing some exercise…

Actually, I didn’t think before that I would be so busy here. Right now, I start work at 8:30 am, come home at around 5-6 pm or, in case the I have language course I leave earlier but have class from 4-6 and language tandem from 6-8….wuaaaaaa. Anyways, I try to find another German who likes to take one of the two tandem partners I have right now, because like this I almost have no time to practice quechua and my „free time“ begins at 8 pm. But since most of the activities are fun, it’s not that bad, as it might sound.

Next tuesday is already half-time of my internship here, waaaaaaaaaaa! Time passed by so quickly, but on the other hand there are still 4 1/2 weeks left, so I don’t have to think about saying goodbye yet. I hope I get to see some more installations and have a couple of field trips more before I leave – we’ll see.

First of all Independence day, everything else comes later!

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