Fiesta Fiesta

Last saturday a couple of colunteers had their farewall party, which was really a lot of fun! Everybody dressed up in embarrassing costumes, some liters of Singani and good music. Actually it was a good opportunity to get to know people from the other houses and those who stay with families, because you don’t see them too often! Ah, by the way, my „hat“ used to be a lamp which I found somewhere in our house…

Sunday we went to a traditional fair in a village close to Cochabamba, which was interesting to see, as well, but we had bad luck with the weather as it was raining (for the first time since 1 1/2 months more or less) and this morning the mountains were covered with snow! Luckily, sun came back and it’s nice and cozy again here

Referring to work, tomorrow starts the conference and everybody was kind of nervous today in the office, trying to finish presentations and speeches. The solar panel construction was finished this afternoon, so it can be inaugurated tomorrow at 9 am with looooooadds of people around from all over the continent. Hopefully it all works

This weekend I’ll be going to Villa Tunari in the Chapare region to see some monkeys, enjoy tropical climate and have some delicious fish plate! 2 weeks in Cochabamba was really nice, but now I’m up for visiting some more of Bolivia! That’s exactly why I already plan a bit bigger trip for the weekend following on this one. Probably we (two volunteers and me) are going to Copacabana and Isla del Sol at Lake Titicaca, visiting La Paz on our way back to Cochabamba.

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