Time to go home

It’s time to go, tomorrow at 7:45 I will be sitting in a plane to Miami and think about three extraordinary months in Latin America. Now I somehow have to get used to my life in Germany again. I don’t really want to go back to reality yet, but on the other hand, after one year in spain and latin america, it is alright to go back.

1 1/2 years more I will be in Münster, after that – who knows – I don’t know yet where I will do my master nor which master it will do exactly, but I am sure that it was not my last time in Latin America. As tourist, for work purposes or studying – in one way or another I will be back!

This will be the last entry of my blog (until the next trip), I hope you enjoyed reading and following my small adventures in Latin America!

Goodbye Latin America, Welcome back Germany!

PD: Since I wasn’t able to keep you updated about the last part of my travel here, I’ll give you at least some fun-facts about it:

La Paz – Coroico

- high speed fun

- incredible views

- mud all over me

- don’t always trust in Lonely Planet

- Edwin, what a hero

- Coroico, I see you next time, I promise! -


- hot – hot – hot – humid – hot – hot

- jungle fever

- viagra tree vs. abortion seeds

- leo, best cook ever

- parrot paradise

- cocktail apocalypse

- always trust in french bakers

La Paz

- two days of bad luck

- souvenir shopping

- rain, rain, rain

- goodbye bolivia


- 7 hours delay

- movie marathon on 16 wheels

- grey

- red psycho lama

- strange return to european atmosphere

- pricy pricy pricy

- rip off at the airport


- sleepless nights – sleepless days

- nude guy on the highway

- food, more food, Bogotá

- welcome to Salsa Colombiana

- the great struggle to meet up with Juliana

- fusion of European and Latino-Style

- a tribute to the days (and nights) of Salamanca

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