Sorata – A Short Pleasure

there we go, 20 hours of bus ride, 2 hours in the freezing la paz terminal and 4 hours in a miniature version of a minibus, booomba: Sorata, here I am!

The jungle was great, we didn t see toooooo many amazing animals, but that was not what I expected. Walking trough the woods, trying some „medical plants“, having incredibly nice typical food and enjoying the beautiful landscape! Our guide was great, the tour was great, everything was great! Everything? No, not everything, because I fell into a small river (which was fun) with my camera on my back (which was not fun). Luckily, I did not enter any water and it is still working without any problems!

Photos follow once I have my laptop back in La Paz.

Now, Sorata, what the hell is Sorata? Its a nice and small mountain town where I hoped to chill a bit before going to La Paz, Lima and Bogota! 5 minutes ago, however, I was told that there will be a bloqueo tomorrow (road block), so I have to leave today. MIERDA! another 3 hours in that mini mini minibus and back to where I was this morning!

anyways, after a chilling-out afternoon everything will look happier again and if I manage to contact Santi, I have a place to stay in La Paz, as well!

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