Bolivia on a shoestring in a nutshell

Hey guys,

sorry, since I’m a bit in a hurry, I can’t describe everything I saw and experienced during my last few days. Therefore I just give you some key word and a couple of photos which illustrate everything better than I could do it with a text, anyway!!!


- white

- colonial architecture

- grito de libertad de las americas

- ukurpiña 2

- bolivia’s true capital

- cold nights

- racism is to be put into the garbage bins


- cold days

- bitterly cold nights

- 8 million (!) dead slaves during 300 years of silver mining

- amazing and horrifying visit to the mines

- soroche 2.0

- one of the heighest cities of the world

- without coca you cannot survive the mines

- even with coca you’ll do it only 15 years until death or serious lung injury

- goodbye travel company

Sucre 1 Sucre 2 Sucre 3 Sucre 4 Sucre 5 Sucre 6 Sucre 7 Potosi¦ü 1 Potosi¦ü 2

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