The (Montezuma) Empire strikes back

That was one hell of a weekend…one hell of a good weekend!

Friday at around tenish we left the sustainable bolivia birthday party (which was kind of sad, because there were looooads of people and a traditional Bolivian band and stuff) and headed to La Paz. In La Paz we looked for a hostal, went a bit around the city and met up with Ana and Roberto (two friends from Salamanca). Roberto turned out to know (or pretend to know, jeje) everything about La Paz, its architecture, history, culture, EVERYTHING. Was probably the funniest and cheapest guide you could find in town! We were a bit unlucky with the weather, though (rain and cold), but I didn’t really mind cause the last time I was in La Paz the sun was shining all day.

La Paz2 2 La Paz2 3

In the afternoon Ana and Roberto had to visit some family members, so we took off to Valle de la Luna, a valley with some bizarre stone formations a couple of kilometers outside if La Paz. At night, Roberto wanted to show us some hidden semi-public place to have a beer or two, but in the end it was so hidden that he couldn’t find it either!

La Paz2 1 Copacabana 1

Next morning we headed to Copacabana at Lake Titicaca and from there to Isla del Sol. The boat was crowded with tourists and at first the island seemed to be full of them, as well, but when we finally made it to our hostal and started walking around a bit, we hardly met any, just perfect to enjoy the incredible nature on the island and the lake surrounding us! Cristal blue water, snowy moutains, dispersed islands and an unbelievable sundown! Though Montezumas Empire stroke back that night and made me to miss the dawn (I was happy I could sleep without running to the toilet), I was just happy to be there, cause Isla del Sol was one of the most beautiful places I have visited during my trips in the last years. On the next day we took a boat to the northern part of the island and hiked 4 hours back to our hostal on an old inca route. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking views, though you had to share it with a bunch of other tourists, but that was alright, since they were not the annoying Ballermann-all-inclusive-tourist-type. The same day we took a boat to Copacabana again, jumped into a bus to La Paz and from there into a nightbus to Cochabamba. With a bit more time we would have visited less touristy Isla de la Luna, as well, or just stayed a night longer on Isla del Sol, because it is just a perfect place to spend some hours sitting outside in the sun and enjoy being there, but anyways, we all had to go back to work today, so we had to go back. I hope some of the photos show how amazing Titicaca and Isla del Sol is! If you ever have the opportunity, go there!

Isla del Sol 1 Isla del Sol 2 Isla del Sol 3 Isla del Sol 4 Isla del Sol 5 Isla del Sol 6

This week will be full of spanish and quechua classes till Friday when the Ukurpiña festival starts. Additionally, there will be another farewell-party and we want to see a football match of Cochabamba vs. Potosí, so no time to get bored!!!!

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