Flying VIP

Hey everybody,

I’m in La Paz, I’m alive and my backpack made it as well!

After many many many hours, two nights on different airports and really bad food in the planes to Miami and La Paz I made it finally to Bolivia. YEAAAAAAAAAAH. As well, I saw Samuel Eto’o with his family at Miami Airport. I thought a short moment in asking him to play for VFB Luebeck (4th league in Germany) but in the end I didn’t – sorry VFB.

I already met up with a friend here (Santi) and later on this day we gonna be visiting the city a bit. Pictures, more details and everything will follow once I’m in Cochabamba (I’ll be going there on Monday) and have settled in a bit.

Right now it’s „almuerzo“ time, let’s see how these „chicharrones“ are..

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